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3 Reasons to Consider New Window Treatments

When it comes to window treatments, shades and blinds, motorized shades, or curtains there are a lot of choices. To help with your decision process Shades Co. offers FREE consultations to assist you in deciding a style, color, pattern and treatment type that best fills your space. Here are 3 ways that you know it’s time to call Shades Co. for new window treatments.


Too Much Glare From the Sun

If you find yourself at home during the daytime hours more than you used to be you’ll notice that certain areas of the house have too much of a glare from the sun. The glare from the sun through your windows can make it difficult to watch your favorite TV show in the middle of the afternoon or work on your computer from your home office.



Do you have a window on the ground level that people can see inside when walking by? It’s time to install a new set of blinds or shades into those windows so that you can live in the privacy of your own home at all hours of the day. If you’d still like to let some light into your room, Shades Co. offers treatments that lower from the top down so you can have your privacy and enjoy the sunlight from the top of your window space.


To Add Accent Colors to Your Room

Have you been wanting to add a new splash of color to your room but don’t want to put on a fresh coat of paint? Shades Co. offers window treatments in all colors that will compliment the existing colors in your room. During our free consultation you can see all of the colors that will help make your room stand out!


When you are ready for your FREE Consultation you can contact us for an appointment at anytime.

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