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3 Window Treatment Options for Double Height Windows



3 Window Treatment Options for Double Height Windows

Double height windows are one of the most beautiful architectural features a home can have, one that floods space with natural light and provides unobstructed views. But choosing window treatments for two-story windows can prove to be difficult since most standard, store-bought options won’t fit such expansive spaces, not to mention the challenge of finding shades or drapes that can be easily opened and closed from a distance of 20 feet below.

So what are the best options for your two-story windows? We’ve compiled a few of the best, below.

1. Double-height curtains. The most dramatic and formal window treatment option for your two-story windows is double height drapery; panels that hang from the ceiling, or just below, and cover both sets of window bays with a single panel. These extra-long curtains are an investment, since they will need to be custom-made, but you can be sure that they’ll create an instant focal point in your room and provide privacy and light-blocking, making them money well-spent. To make opening and closing easier, have your drapes motorized or made on a pulley system.

double height window treatments- trad home
Image via Traditional Home
double height window treatments - chicago tribune
The Ritz Carlton Residences, Chicago. Image via The Chicago Tribune

2. Single-story window treatments. Single-story window shades, blinds, or drapes, which cover just the lower bank of windows, are a more budget friendly option suitable for rooms that don’t need total light blocking or privacy control. Because most lower windows will be close to standard size, you should be able to find off-the-shelf shades or drapery, or less-expensive custom options to suit your needs. The final look is also more down-to-earth a family-friendly. 

double height window treatments - JTM interiors
Image via JTM Interiors

3. Individual window treatments. The final option is to cover each window individually. This option is best suited to using shades or blinds, and in homes that especially need the functionality aspect of window treatments, like privacy or light control. If you choose this option, be sure to explore motorization, which will not only make it easier to open and close a variety of sets of shades, but will also eliminate a mess of unsightly cords.

two story window treatments -
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For more information on double height window treatments, or to set up a complimentary in-home consultation with one of our window treatment experts, click here.



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