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4 Rational Reasons to Use Drapery Instead of a Shower Curtain



Textiles are a key element in bathroom design. In a room that’s primarily a functional space, the towels, bath mats, and shower curtain you choose can make the difference between a bathroom that’s bland and boring and one that’s stylish and fun. So, when it comes to choosing a shower curtain, why limit yourself to the generic options you’ll find at big box and mass market decor stores? Instead, consider creating a custom, one-of-a-kind look by using drapery as a shower curtain instead. Here’s why it works.



Here’s 4 Reasons to Use Drapery Instead of That Traditional Shower Curtain



#1 You’ll have more options. If you’ve ever shopped for a shower curtain at a home decor store, you know the options can be sorely limited. You may have the choice between a white waffles weave version, and something that looks suitable only for a college dorm. Walk a few aisles over to that same stores window treatment section, and you’ll likely find dozens more choices. Here’s how to use a standard, off-the-rack curtain as a shower curtain.


 #2 You can tailor it exactly to your style. If you’ve searched high and low for a shower curtain that’ll complement your space but can’t seem to find something that works, it might be time to visit a drapery workroom or custom window treatment retailer — they’ll be able to make you a curtain that is exactly the style, color, print and size you have in mind.


#3 The room will look bigger. Shower curtains come in a standard height of 72”, which works well for rooms with standard eight foot ceilings. But what if your bathroom has high ceilings? Drapery offers a lot more options when it comes to length, so you can choose something that suits the dimensions of your space and doesn’t (literally) come up short. Even if your bathroom ceilings are average height, choosing a longer drape and hanging it from a shower curtain rod higher up on the wall will make the room appear larger.


#4 It will serve exactly the same purpose. You’ve probably noticed that shower curtains and regular curtains are basically made out of the same material, and that’s because they are. Shower curtains are designed to be used with waterproof liners, so as long as you have one of those protecting your shower curtain, you can use almost any fabric that can stand up to humidity (think cotton, linen, canvas). Shower curtain liners also come in extra-long versions (up to 108”) should you choose to create a custom curtain for a space with high ceilings.

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