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9 Perfect Drapery Fabrics For an Industrial New York City Loft Space

9 Perfect Drapery Fabrics For an Industrial New York City Loft

There are few apartment styles more sought-after in New York City than the rough-hewn, industrial loft. And why wouldn’t they be so coveted? Warehouse-style apartments are known for sprawling, open floor plans and soaring ceilings that are the stuff of any New Yorker’s dreams. That’s not to mention the inherent character that original brick and wide-plank floors create.

But perhaps one of the most famous features of a loft space: the windows. Images of floor-to-ceiling, grid-pane windows are almost synonymous with idealistic New York living. Which means that–if you’re lucky enough to call a loft home–choosing drapery fabrics should be at the forefront of your design plan.

Here, we’re outlining three ways to approach choosing drapery for a loft space, plus our picks that would make perfect curtains.




Drapery to Enhance the Style

If you’re truly embracing the loft lifestyle, you’ll want to opt for drapery fabrics that are as fuss-free, practical and minimal as the surrounding architecture. Solid fabrics in earth tones that complement the building materials make a natural choice. However, if you prefer prints, choose ones that are linear and graphic, and feature larger scales that won’t feel busy on a big window. Print or solid, consider pairing the fabric with a grommet top to complete the factory-inspired style.



Our drapery fabric picks:

Trend 03372

Fabricut Billy Ray

Fabricut Meridian Gargoyle

Drapery with a Softer Feel

If you prefer to soften the look of your industrial loft space, there are few design elements more effective than drapery. Choose plush panels in rich fabrics like velvet or silk, or opt for drapery patterns with organic, handmade, or feminine elements, which will add balance to your hardworking space.

Our drapery fabric picks:

Fabricut Premier Velvet

Duralee Glimpse

Ethan Allen Chakra Honey Velvet

Drapery to Maximize the View

The final approach? Choosing your drapery with the goal of maximizing the view and the amount of natural light let in by large windows. If this is your plan, you’ll want to search for airy, sheer fabric that seems to almost fade into the window instead of framing it. For privacy and light control purposes, consider pairing sheer or lightweight drapery with motorized window shades.

Our drapery fabric picks:

Duralee Mayfield Sheer

Stroheim Sheer de Lys

Duralee #51383-16

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