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A Quick Guide to Drapery Pleat Styles

When it comes to ordering custom drapery, there’s more to specify than simply color, length, and fabric. There are a variety of other stylistic options to consider when choosing drapery that will dictate the formality and style of the curtains you end up with, including type of lining, hardware, and tiebacks . But one of the most important style indicators is pleating.

Elaborate pleating, for example, can make even the most simple, neutral curtain appear formal, while minimal pleating can downplay the ornateness of a lavish fabric. Below, a guide to a few of the most common drapery pleat styles, and which work best for different decor styles.

Flat pleat drapery. This is essentially drapery without any pleating. It creates flowing, fluid look that works well in informal or relaxed spaces like the bedroom. Most off-the-shelf drapery is flat pleat.

Image via Remodelista
Image via Remodelista

Single pleat drapery. For a more refined look that still feels somewhat casual, opt for single pleats, which create subtle, straight lines down the front of the drapery. Because of the neat, simple look, single pleat is often a good option for modern decor styles.

single pleat drapery
Image via

Pinch pleat drapery. Pinch pleat drapery creates a more defined “accordion” look that works well in formal spaces like dining areas or sitting rooms, or with traditional decor.

Double pinch pleat - ballarddesigns
Image via Ballard Designs

Inverted pleat. Inverted pleats create a neat, refined look that is somewhat more modern than pinch pleat, but equally as formal. Inverted pleats complement the classic, no frills look of preppy decor styles.

inverted box pleat drapery - lonny
Image via

While these are the most common drapery pleat styles, they certainly aren’t the only ones. The graphic below highlights a few of the more elaborate pleat styles, all better suited to traditional, formal spaces.


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