22 May Contemporary Curtains May Help Curb New Yorkers’ Electric Bill Chaos

Did your last electric bill give you heart palpitations? If so, you might want to take a look at your home’scurtains. Believe it or not, they could be partially to blame. Here’s why:

Scientists have known for a long time that urban heat island effect has a tendency to make New York City homes hotter than others. Just last year, an interesting article appeared in the Business Insider on the subject that broke down why New Yorkers typically find themselves having to deal with unusually high temperatures. In part, it pointed out the amount of anthropogenic heat generated by sidewalks, signage, city skyscrapers, public transportation and more. All of that heat can enter our homes and contribute towards making our summer cooling bills higher than those of our suburban counterparts.

The good news is there are things that New Yorkers can do to counteract the urban heat island effect. Installing contemporary curtains and other window treatments are one of them. Companies like Weathermate Thermalogic™ and Eclipse manufacture energy efficient, insulated curtains that can help keep homes cool and quiet. They aren’t the only companies currently manufacturing energy efficient curtains either.

As such, it’s quite easy to find everything from grommet-top curtains, panels and blackout drapes to back tabs that feature energy saving components. Some of the key features to look for in those types of contemporary curtains are built-in vapor barriers. High-density foam cores, reflective films, easy-to-clean surfaces and decorative, UV damage resistant fabrics.

At ShadesCo, we can help you wade through all of those options and select the best energy efficient curtains for your personal or professional space. To speak with a ShadesCo window treatment expert about products that may help combat the urban heat island effect, please contact us today by scheduling a complimentary consultation online or calling (212) 222-8288. Discounts on energy efficient curtains may be available.

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