06 Aug Creative Places to Hang Curtains you Might not have Thought About

If you think curtains are only for windows, you might be surprised to know there are actually a number of other uses for them. Here are some unique places you can hang curtains in your own home in order to create a new and beautiful look for any room.

Do you have a room that needs a bit of privacy, but feel that adding a door would be awkward? If so, consider hanging a pair of curtains over your doorway instead. That way, you can peel them back whenever you want to leave the space open, but close them when a bit more privacy is required. They are especially nice whenever you have an arched doorway, as they tend to draw attention to it and help make it the focal point of your room.

Turn a little girl’s bedroom into something out of a story book by using curtains to create a sort of canopy. You can do this by gathering sheer panels together near the head of the bed, or by extending a rod from one wall to the other and then hanging a set of ruffled curtains along the entire length of the bed. This is also an excellent way to provide a bit of privacy whenever more than one sibling shares the same bedroom.

For a Victorian look, place a lace panel just in front of a claw foot tub or pedestal sink, and then pull it back to one side. Curtains can also be used to cover bathroom shelves, or you could also remove cabinet doors and cover their openings with curtains instead.

Don’t forget about hanging curtains on your front porch or patio. Hanging dark curtains will provide you with some protection from the sun, and will also allow you to sit outdoors without worrying about whether or not the neighbors are watching.

These are just a few places you can use curtains in your home to help add charm and spruce up the space a bit. For help finding the right curtains for any area of your home, contact us.

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