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You may have thought that having an unusually shaped window, door or arch was “clever” and “unique”, but sometimes such a decision results in the necessity for custom treatments. Fortunately, those problems can be solved, and they aren’t as difficult as you may think. There is a wide range of contemporary fabrics, trims, styles and colors in the latest design trends that will also provide insulation against heat and cold. For example, sheer shades filter sunlight and block out UV rays, and solar shades save on energy costs.

Odd-Shaped Windows, Arches and Transoms

Mount the treatment where the square portion of the window begins below the weird shape, half moon, or transom. This will give privacy and maintain the beauty of the window’s architecture.

If you want light and darkness control, go outside and place the treatment to cover the entire window including the specialty shape.

Bay and Bow Windows

Each window can be treated individually, or you can go outside the window and use something that moves side to side instead.

Most blinds and shades can either be mounted inside each window or mounted to the ceiling of the window itself. Make sure to leave enough room for Roman shades to fold upward or wood blinds to tilt open.

A panel system, motorized shades, draperies or verticals will work if you have the wall space to rest the fabric on either side of the opening.

Sliding Glass Doors

If you want the treatment to raise and lower, consider roller or cellular shades or pleats. These are light in weight so easy to lift up and down. Do one shade, or two next to each other, for more flexibility, privacy and light.

If you prefer a treatment that opens side to side, choose a drapery, a panel system or vertical.

French Doors

The easiest answer, and to be able to still adjust privacy and light, is to mount right to the door a popular roller shade, a Roman shade, a woven wood shade or wood blinds made from natural, renewable resources.

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