20 Jul Romanesque Window Treatments Add Elegance to NYC Dwellings for Less

Do you find Romanesque architecture to be romantic? If so, why not bring a bit of that romance into your

It’s no ancient secret that Roman motorized shades’ luxuriant fabrics would have made even the stoic statesman, Julius Caesar, giddy with delight. Yes, there is just something about the horizontal fabrics on offer today that make Roman motorized shades look fabulous no matter where they are placed. Choose from opulent velvets, crisp linens, cool cottons, eye-popping polyesters, contemporary PVC and wonderful woven fabrics galore. Plus, you can even feel free to bring in your own bolts of fabric for a more custom touch.

The Romans were also known for their rich Bayeux tapestry, flowing drapery and curtains. So adding them to one’s window treatments would also be a fantastic idea. Pairing the drapery and curtains with lavish finials would be too. At ShadesCo, we have access to decorative touches from respected, brand names like Dakota Drapery Hardware, Gould New York, Select, The Finial Company and Paris Texas Hardware. So finding stunning hardware in brushed tea, nickel, chrome, wooden bronze and polished graphite should be a breeze.

The Romans were also known for their symmetrical vaults and arches that always let in a good deal of light. That said, incorporating skylights into your design plans would add a contemporary twist. Adorn them with motorized shades, and it will convert the space into something even more appealing. There are Roman, solarium, roller and cellular styles to choose from. To keep with the Romanesque theme, you may want to go with motorized shades that match the rest of your chosen design space.

To discover more ways to transform your home into a Romanesque paradise, please contact us at ShadesCo. We can help beautify your living space, no matter where your design tastes roam. For a meeting with our window treatment experts, schedule an appointment by phone or online today.

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