23 Jun Window Treatments: Shades and Blinds, Motorized Shades and Curtains for New Builds and Remodels

Anyone building a house or remodeling one wants it to be energy saving, trendy and safe. Motorized window treatments, shades and blinds, motorized shades and curtains used to be the purview of the wealthy. Motorized window treatments can now be used by everyone. There are so many benefits of motorized window treatments that every house should have them. The advantages don’t just end at the checkbook. They encompass the health of the family, which is one thing every homeowner double checks to make certain.

Energy Savings

Window treatments, shades and blinds, motorized shades and curtains should ideally be tied to the HVAC as well as the lighting systems. When the home automation system is activated, the window treatments rise or fall as the light changes from its hottest to its decline. The HVAC unit will not then be made to work so hard cooling the house in summer. When they are tied to the lighting system, the motorization of the window treatments allows natural light so less artificial light is needed.

Less immediately affecting the checkbook is tax credits. Homeowners remodeling their homes or those building a home may qualify for tax rebates from a government that is gung-ho about eco-friendly solutions. Home automation works on frequencies instead of electricity. Homeowners who can adjust the temperature in the house, set the alarm system or activate the monitoring system from a smartphone at work can also adjust the window treatments. The tax credit is based on the energy saving capability of the window treatments. Homeowners should ask their accountants if they qualify.

Trending Now

When homeowners and those remodeling their homes get to the windows, they usually concentrate on double-hung double pane windows. They worry about caulking and weather stripping. They don’t usually consider the window treatments until it’s all done. Thoughtful homeowners will consider blinds and shades, because they don’t want the sun to fade their hardwood floors or the fabrics on the furniture. Trending now are Shadesco’s silhouette and solar shades, which allow the family to see what’s outside while still protecting the inside. Their sliding panel blinds perform the same duty. Want to go green? Window treatments, shades and blinds, motorized shades and curtains include wood and bamboo. Bob Vila thinks that wood blinds and shutters are never really out of style. He, too, advises motorization.


When homeowners remodel or when they buy a house, motorization of their window treatments, shades and blinds, motorized shades and curtains will eliminate tripping over the cords, breaking them by pulling too hard, and bringing the whole unit down by allowing it to crash instead of controlling its descent. These things can hurt small children and pets. The dangling cords of yesteryear’s shades and blinds will no longer choke small children and pets.

Another consideration in regard to window treatments is the security of the house. What good is the latest and greatest in alarm systems, if the window treatments give the whole thing away? For example, if the motorized window treatments are hooked up with the HVAC and lights, then the window coverings will be lowered during the hottest part of the day. In the evening, the window treatments will be raised, while at the same time the lights go on. Anyone planning nefarious things will think someone is home and bypass the house in favor of one whose window treatments remain still all day long.


Anyone who has ever had a migraine headache knows the benefit of total darkness. Likewise, anyone with a brand new baby knows how the little guy gets days and nights confused. There are those who have had surgery on their eyes or who take medications for other conditions that leave the eyes sensitive to light. In any of these scenarios and more, Shadesco can provide the perfect window covering for the homeowner’s particular situation.

Window coverings are an important consideration for many reasons. Their cost has put them within the range of most everyone these days. Combine beauty, energy savings, health and safety into some stylish window treatments when you contact us for a free consultation.

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