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The Best Traditional Drapery Styles

Traditional spaces are formal, sophisticated, and heavy on the details, which means that drapery is a must in a home with classic style. Bare or minimally dressed windows will feel unfinished and cold in a home that’s otherwise decorated by the book. In a traditional home, not just any drapery will do, either. The window treatments you choose should contribute to the stately feel of your space. Below, the hallmark details of traditional drapery styles.

Image via Designed with Carla Aston
Image via Designed with Carla Aston

1. A swag valance. A swag valance, which looks like a length of fabric draped atop the window, instantly adds an air of formality and sophistication to your windows. Though a swag valance can be hung alone, they’ll best complement the formal feel of a traditional space when paired with floor-length drapery in a complementary fabric.

2. Fabrics like velvet, silk, taffeta, or brocade. A fabric that conveys a sense of richness and luxury, like velvet, silk, or brocade, will be right at home in a traditional room. (Note that since these fabrics are often more susceptible to fading from sunlight than textiles like cotton or linen, you might consider having them custom made with a protective liner).

3. Pinch pleats. Pinch pleats–made by folding and stitching lengths at the top of the curtain hem–not only create crisp, distinctive lines that feel well-tailored, but because pinch pleating requires extra fabric, it gives drapery a fuller, more expensive look, too.

4. Tie backs. Curtain tie backs are another detail that add to the formality of drapery. For a classic look, search for tie-backs made from silk rope or with flourishes like tassels.

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