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Cut Back on Cooling Bills with the Right Window Treatments

honeycomb shades
Image via Lush Home

If you’re dreading the dog days of summer because they mean that your air conditioning bill is going to climb through the roof (or worse, because you don’t have air conditioning to begin with), it’s time to consider how the right window treatments could start saving you money and keeping you cool when the temperatures soar.

Window treatments can add an extra layer of insulation in your home, creating a climate-controlling barrier that keeps hot air out and cool air in so your indoor space stays more comfortable while requiring less energy.

The best window treatments for keeping your space cool are honeycomb shades. The cellular construction of these shades “traps” air, preventing it from passing into your room. The more cells, or  pockets, your shades have, the better insulation they will offer.

energy efficient windows 1
Image via Hunter Douglas

An added benefit of honeycomb shades is that they are translucent, so they’ll provide insulation without blocking out sunlight entirely. However, blackout honeycomb shades are also available, and are also a highly effective option for keeping your home cool, since they are lined with foil, adding another layer of insulation.

A second great option for temperature control? Plantation shutters. The solid wood (or even composite) construction of plantation shutters stops heat from traveling beyond the window panes.

Last but not least, lined or heavy drapery can also provide a level of heat insulation in your home — the only downside being that, when closed, drapery will let the smallest amount of daylight into your home.

Considering adding climate controlling window treatments to your home this summer? Contact Shades Co. at (212) 222-8288 to discuss the best options and ideas for your space.


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