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How Long Should Curtains Be?

When shopping for curtains, there are certain standard size options that most panels come in. Full-length drapes tend to be anywhere from 63″to 120″, with the most common lengths being 84″ or 96.” Custom drapery, on the other hand, allows for virtually any length. So what length is right for your windows? That depends on a few factors, which we’ve outlined below.
how long should curtains be - apartment therapy

First, consider:

The height of your windows. If your windows are floor-to-ceiling, you’ll want drapes that reach the floor. If your windows are smaller than that, you have the option of either choosing drapes that are sill length (so that they sit flush to the bottom of the window sill), or floor length.

Once you know where you want the bottom of the drapes to hit, consider:

The height of your ceilings. The standard spot to hang drapes is about 3-5″ about the top of the window frame. However, if you have low ceilings or are working with a small space, think about hanging your drapes near the top of the ceiling instead of just about the windows. This will draw the eye up and make the room instantly feel larger and more open.

Then, determine:

The look you want. If you’re opting for floor-length drapes, think about whether you want your drapes to sit just above the floor, or pool a bit at the bottom. The former is neat and crisp, while the latter is considered a more formal, romantic look (and best for those without kids or pets).

Once you’ve determined how high on the wall and how far down you want your curtains to hang, take a measurement, and get shopping.

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