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How to Choose the Right Curtains

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  1. Decide what you want from your window treatments. Not all curtains are created equal. With so many different styles to choose from, you have to ask yourself what will work not only for your space, but also for your needs. Do you need to block light in a bedroom? Create an open airy feel in a small living room? Help block out the winter chill in a spacious entry? How you answer these questions should be the deciding factor in your fabric selection. Blackout curtains may be best for a guest room, while sheer cotton drapes will open up a cramped space. Heavier fabrics, like wool and velvet, are ideal for keeping your home cozy all winter long.
  1. Consider the bare bones of your space. Window treatments are one of the easiest ways to transform a room—properly hung curtains can turn a humble sitting room into an elegant parlor. Are your ceilings low? Choose longer curtains and hang them closer to the ceiling to create the illusion of height. If you’re blessed with soaring windows, don’t sacrifice the grandeur of floor to ceiling draperies for treatments that are easier to open and close—go for motorized curtains instead.
  1. Choose curtains that fit your lifestyle. Your window treatments should work for you, not against you. If you’re looking to dress a high-traffic area, if you have little ones and pets running about, or if you simply favor lower-maintenance options, forgo pooling silk draperies for a more durable alternative, like polyester curtains that just brush the floor.
  1. Combine patterns carefully. Patterned curtains make a tasteful statement when executed wisely; just be sure to consider other patterns and colors in your space when choosing a design. If a room is already rife with color and pattern, don’t choose window treatments that will compete with them. Instead, use curtains to compliment existing design elements by pulling a color from your sofa, or mirroring the pattern of your rug on a smaller scale.
  1. Don’t be afraid to go custom. If the perfect window treatments seem just out of reach, consider custom options. Colors, patterns, styles, fabrics, length, hardware—you name it, you can choose it. They are a true investment that will transform your home, and you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you envisioned.


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