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How to Use Common Household Items to Maintain Window Treatments

You could buy a some expensive products to clean window treatments like shades, blinds, screens and curtains. But why would you want to when you probably already have everything you need to clean and maintain those common window coverings? Of course, all these different window treatments and more have specific idiosyncrasies, but the vital factor that rises above else is the fact that a little upkeep along the way can keep you from having to buy replacements later on.

Safely Clean Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one window treatment that inspire terror when it comes to cleaning. All it takes is one cut on the finger courtesy of those sharp edges and you won’t be quick to try cleaning them again.  Feather dusters, cleaning cloth and raggedy rags can clean the slats of blinds, but they don’t offer much protection against accidents. Much safer–and arguably more effective–are a pair of plain white (thick) cotton gloves. These allow you to use your fingers to wipe across the length of each slat without fear of damage.

Tension Trouble

Window shades being pulled down and springing back up again over time has a tendency to get all out of tension. When the tension of your roller shades becomes too tightly wound, you need to remove it from the bracket and unroll by hand. Only a couple or three revolutions should do the trick. A shade that has become too lose needs the opposite treatment. Roll the shade up by hand a couple or three revolutions.


Those ugly little grease and water spots that are almost guaranteed to start dotting the surface of your shades require a product you may not have on hand in your house, but is easy enough to get. Wallpaper cleaner.  The very same chemical reaction that cleans wallpaper will also clean your shades.

Screen Cleaning

Window screens go for much longer periods without cleaning than most other window treatments. They are the Rodney Dangerfield of the industry. Just keep in mind that the longer you put off cleaning window screens, the harder the job will be. Make a habit of regularly taking the window screen out for a cleaning and make it easy on yourself by using a flat surface large enough to place the entire screen upon and still have some surface area left. Place an old sheet or big beach towel between the surface and the screen. Then use a brush with soft bristles so you can vigorously scrub the screen clean.

Mesh Repair

Swift repair of those tiny holes that show up in mesh window screens (probably a sign of mosquito infestation, by the way) requires nothing more than clear nail polish and tweezers. Use the tweezers to grab hold of the strands of mesh screen and bend them back into place. Then apply clear nail polish to keep the strands connected and fix the hole.

Dry Cleaning Your Curtains

Curtains that have collected a trails of dust can bypass the washer and head straight for the dryer. Toss the dusty curtains inside and add a damp towel as company. Set the dial to the lowest heat setting and run the curtains through the dryer for a solid ten minutes. Without a single drop of water–except for that damp towel–your curtains will come out remarkably free of dust.

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