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Lutron shades are one of our most popular window treatment options, and for good reason. Lutron coverings offer a wide range of light control, motorization, and style options that make them a practical, convenient and chic solution for both residential and commercial spaces.



Lutron offers a number of motorization options for its window treatments. Lutron QED, or quiet electronic drive, can be configured with any Lutron window treatment, and provides convenient, remote-powered operation with a low-voltage, ultra-quiet motor. For a more affordable motorization solution, Lutron Serene motorized shades are battery powered, and can last up to 3-5 years with a single set of D batteries. Regardless of your motor choice, Lutron electric coverings will become a functional, useful addition to your space.


Solar-Responsive Shading
For the ultimate in sun and UV-damage protection, as well as automated light control, Lutron’s Hyperion Solar-Adaptive software system programs shades and window treatments to open and close around the movement of the sun, allowing for glare reduction, heat blocking, and energy savings through maximizing the use of natural light. The Hyperion system is ideal for commercial office spaces or residences with floor-to-ceiling windows.


Light Diffusion

Love the look and ease of roller shades, but need more options for light control? Lutron shades are an ideal solution, offering roller-style window treatments in a variety of opacities, ranging from partially sheer to complete blackout, allowing the shades to meet any light diffusion needs.


Climate control
Lutron’s line of honeycomb shades not only controls light, but helps reduce energy costs through their unique insulation properties. The cellular construction of honeycomb shades traps heat, allowing for a cooler space in the summer, and a warmer one come winter.



In addition to its popular roller and honeycomb shade styles, Lutron also offers tension shades, Roman shades, and a vertical drapery system. Each option is available in a wide variety of fabrics from a library of more than 1,500 textiles.


For more information on Lutron shades, to see our complete library of styles, or for a cost estimate, set up a complimentary in-home consultation with one of The Shades Co.’s window treatment experts today!

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# Title Value
1 Material Lutron Window Coverings
2 Size Limitation Width 12″ to 144″ / Height 15″ to 144″
3 Mechanism Easyrise (continuous loop),Ultraglide – retractable cord-lock, literise – cordless mechanism, top down / bottom up , Motorized – see motorization table
4 Light control Sheer, Semi-opaque, Room darkening
5 Vane Size 4″ & 5″
# Title Value
1 Low Voltage Plug in transformer 24V *quiet motor
2 Battery operated Battery operated or power supplied by solar panel
3 Controls Remote / Wall Switch
4 Smart Home Integrates with all automation systems *require interface.

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