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Partner Spotlight: Mermet Solar Window Treatments

Mermet Solar Window Treatments from The Shade Company in New York City

Our customers look to The Shade Company to solve a wide array of window treatment dilemmas — from improving the privacy of their apartment in a crowded city like New York, to sourcing the finishing touch for a room design, and more.


One of the most common concerns among our customers, however, is the need for window treatments that offer light-blocking and UV protection. When working with these customers, one of the first things we suggest is always Mermet Solar Window Treatments. The company, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, has specialized in solar fabrics since its inception, and offers some of the most innovative and effective UV-blocking window treatments on the market.


So what makes Mermet window treatments among the best in the industry?

For one, the company is an industry leader in solar-screen fabrics, and has an unrivaled selection of sun control textiles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for shades or drapery, you’ll find a fabric that suits your functional needs, from translucent fabrics that block 86-97% of UV rays, to blackout options that offer 100% UV and light blockage. Mermet fabrics also come in a variety of neutral colors and fibers, allowing them to easily complement any decor scheme.


Mermet is an eco-friendly company

Mermet’s patented KOOLBLOCK technology, for example, allows dark-colored window treatments to be more energy efficient by allowing them to reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. Not only are its window treatments designed to conserve energy by reducing heat transfer through windows, the company is also clean air certified, has a dedicated sustainability project manager on staff, and repurposes fibers from customers’ old shades to create new window treatments.

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