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Safe Window Treatments for Kids

A few weeks ago, a video on ABC’s Nightline program sparked national talk about the safety of window treatments in homes with young children — particularly those with cords, which can pose a strangulation hazard if not properly secured. As a provider of window treatments, we always put our customers’ safety and peace of mind at the top of our list of priorities, which is why we recommend that any of our clients with small children, or who are planning on having children in the future, opt for cordless window treatments.

cordless window treatments
Hunter Douglass LiteRise Cordless Shades

Here, three options for parents seeking safe window treatments for kids in their home.

  1. Retrofit existing window treatments. If you currently have cord-operated shades or blinds, you don’t necessarily need to replace them entirely. Many manufacturers of blinds and shades offer free retrofit kids to make pull cords safer. If your window treatments were installed before 2001 and you do not plan to get new ones, we highly recommend ordering a retrofit kit, which eliminates loop pulls, a major strangulation hazard. For Roman shades, cords can also be replaced with clips to hold the shade in place.
  2. Install tension or cordless lift window shades. While retrofitting window treatments with cords is a good solution, it’s an even better idea to replace them entirely. We highly recommend tension and cordless window shades, which are hard to beat in terms of simplicity, as both are operated with a quick pull or gentle push of the hand.
  3. Install motorized window treatments. Motorized window treatments are another excellent solution, both for the safety and convenience they offer families. Motorized window treatments can be operated on demand with a remote control (or even an iPhone app for more advanced systems), and can also be programmed to open and close throughout the day as the sun moves around your home.

For more information on choosing safe window treatments for your home, schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our window treatment experts today.

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