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The Benefits of Solar Shades (Especially in the Summer)

Image via Hunter Douglass
Image via Hunter Douglass

It’s the middle of the summer. The days are longer, and the sun is beating through your windows at all hours of the day. Though it’s a wonderful thing to bask in the sun, all those UV rays could actually be causing damage to your floors, rugs, and furniture.

To keep your home protected, while still allowing the summer sun to shine into your home, our favorite solution is solar shades.
Solar shades come in varying levels of opacity, with more opaque shades blocking more UV rays, and more translucent ones letting in more light. Our solar shades are ranked on a numerical system from 1-35%. A 1% shade will let it 1% of UV rays, while a 35% shade will let in 35%. Most customers opt for somewhere in the 5-10% range.
Another added benefit of solar shades? Besides blocking UV rays, they are also great for homes with a view, since higher opacity shades (those graded with a higher percentage) will also have a degree of transparency, diffusing light without blocking the scenery beyond.
Our solar shades can also be motorized and set to a timer, allowing them to  open and close at certain times of the day when the sun is beating down the strongest.
Want to  learn more about solar shades? Schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our installation professionals to find out more about the best options for your home.

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