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The Best Window Treatments for Skylights

For many homeowners, skylights are a coveted architectural feature. They flood rooms with natural light, and provide beautiful views. Who wouldn’t want one in their home? As beautiful as skylights are, however, it’s also important to find the right window treatment to cover them up when necessary, since skylights can let in too much light at certain times of the day (like early morning when you’re still trying to get some shut-eye), and can also allow heat to easily transfer in an out of your home.

At Shades Co. we offer plenty of wonderful options that solve all of these challenges and more. Here are a few of our best window treatments for skylights.

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  1. Cellular shades. Cellular shades are among the most popular window treatment options for skylights for a few reasons. For one, cellular shades can be ordered in a variety of fabric opacities, from sheer to blackout, allowing for soft light filtration, total light blocking, or anything in-between. The biggest benefit of choosing cellular shades for a skylight, however, is that the unique honeycomb construction of the shades can reduce the transfer of heat by up to 20%, keeping rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Cellular shades can be installed on a manual or motorized operating system, making them incredibly convenient to open and close, too.
  2. Roman shades. Made out of pleated fabric panels, roman shades are a great choice for rooms where occasional light-filtering is needed, but heat transfer isn’t as much of a concern. One of the best things about Roman shades is the number of fabric options they come in, since they can be custom-ordered in almost any style, print, or color fabric we offer (which is thousands!). Roman shades are most commonly installed on a high-tension manual operating system.
  3. Roller shades. Roller shades are ideal for rooms where total-light blocking is needed, and we highly recommend them for bedrooms. When ordered in blackout fabric, roller shades let almost no light in. As far as looks go, roller shades are sleek and minimalist, making them ideally suited for any style room. We recommend installing roller shades on a motorized operating system, which ensures the shade stays completely flat against the window.

We offer tailor-made options to suit any size skylight or solarium. Among the most popular window treatment choices for skylights are cellular shades, roman shades, and roller shades.

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