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The Most Eco-Friendly Window Treatments

Whether you’re building a home or commercial space from scratch, or simply replacing dated or broken window treatments, these days you’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking for a solution that’s both beautiful and sustainable. The availability of and options for eco-friendly window treatments has grown immensely in the last decade, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find something that meets both your aesthetic and environmental goals.  So where should you begin? Below, we’ve listed a few of the most popular (and effective) choices for eco-friendly window treatments.

eco-friendly window treatments

  1. Honeycomb shades. If it’s energy-efficiency you’re after, honeycomb shades are hard to beat. Their unique cellular construction traps air between the window pane and your room, keeping homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer…without cranking up the heat or A/C. Honeycomb shades are also incredibly efficient at blocking light, and come in fabrics ranging from sheer to total light blocking, making it easy to control your light filtering needs as well.
  2. Lined drapery. According to, “Studies demonstrate that medium-colored draperies with white-plastic backings can reduce heat gains by 33%. Draperies also stay cooler in the summer than some other window treatments because their pleats and folds lose heat through convection.” Lined drapery is the perfect happy medium for those looking for decorative window treatments that also add to energy efficiency. At The Shade Company, we offer thousands of different fabric and drapery lining options, so you can create something that perfectly accents your space and lowers your heating bills.
  3. Bamboo blinds. If you’re  concerned about the materials your window treatments are made of and their energy-saving capabilities, consider choosing blinds made from sustainable materials, like bamboo, grasses, or reeds. While they won’t provide the level of energy savings as, say, honeycomb shades, they’ll still prevent some energy transfer, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they’re made from an all-natural, renewable resource.
  4. Roman shades. Like drapery, lined Roman shades provide both energy saving insulation, and the flexibility to design them in a style that best suits your space. For the best energy-reducing results, choose lined Roman shades, or versions made with an extra layer of interior batting.

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