12 Oct What to Consider When Buying Floor-to-Ceiling Window Treatments

Floor-to-ceiling windows are an incredible architectural feature, allowing a home to be flooded with natural light. At the same time, however, floor-to-ceiling windows come with a unique set of challenges that standard-sizes options do not. Primarily: they offer almost no privacy or insulation, and the...

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The Best Traditional Drapery Styles The Shade Company

01 Feb The Best Traditional Drapery Styles

Traditional spaces are formal, sophisticated, and heavy on the details, which means that drapery is a must in a home with classic style. Bare or minimally dressed windows will feel unfinished and cold in a home that's otherwise decorated by the book. In a traditional...

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How to Choose Drapery Hardware The Shade Company

09 Nov How to Choose Drapery Hardware

There's more to installing beautiful, functional drapery than just the fabric, print, and style. Drapery hardware can make a big difference in both the look and functionality of your curtains, so it's important to carefully consider your options and choose what's best for your room. So...

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A Quick Guide to Drapery Pleat Styles The Shade Company 1

22 Oct A Quick Guide to Drapery Pleat Styles

When it comes to ordering custom drapery, there's more to specify than simply color, length, and fabric. There are a variety of other stylistic options to consider when choosing drapery that will dictate the formality and style of the curtains you end up with, including...

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