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Why Choose Motorized Shades and Blinds?

In New York City, privacy comes at a premium, so choosing high-quality, well-constructed window treatments, shades and blinds is paramount. And ShadesCo takes can take your windows to the next level of technology and comfort with motorized blinds, which offer a myriad of benefits.

Safety. Have little ones running around the house? The strings you use to adjust conventional blinds are notoriously dangerous for curious children, who may feel compelled to chew on the ends or get tangled up. With motorized blinds, those ugly strings are history, and so are the safety issues associated with them.

Security. Don’t want the whole city to know you’re away on a long vacation? Many motorized blinds can be set with a timer, meaning you can have your blinds or shades periodically open and close, making it look like you’re home. Now you have even greater peace of mind while relaxing on the beach!

Convenience. For homes with skylights or other less conventional angles, reaching high windows can be a challenge. Motorized blinds mean you can quickly adjust your room’s sun exposure with just the click of a button.

Selection. ShadesCo offers an incredible variety of high-quality motorized shades and blinds, including wood blinds of all sizes and even luxurious roman shades. Nearly anything you can imagine on your window can become a motorized shade!

Motorized blinds and shades will add style, functionality, and value to your NYC home. Contact us to learn about our full range of products and services, and to schedule a free consultation!

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