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Window Treatments: How To Clean Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are some of the sweetest looking window treatments on the market today. They have an appearance that is unlike other shades and blinds. Plus, they are often much more pleasing to the eye than curtains. The only thing that seems to cause some people pause is the thought of cleaning them. But our ShadesCo pros can attest that caring for the majority of honeycomb shades available nowadays is a lot simpler that one would think.

For the most part, all that’s needed is a feather duster and a hair dryer that has a cool setting. They’ll typically remove the majority of pet dandruff, dust, pollen and cobwebs that may land on honeycomb shades. Use the duster to brush away the dirt or hold the dryer at an angle and let the cool air do all of the work for you. Just make sure that the mouth of the dryer doesn’t come in close or direct contact with the honeycomb shade’s fabric. Otherwise, it might get caught up in the dryer’s motor and burn or tear.

Fingerprints, on the other hand, may need to be resolved with some prudent spot cleaning techniques. Oftentimes, honeycomb shade manufacturers will include packaging materials that explain which spot cleaning products are suitable for use with their fabrics. If they didn’t, ask our window treatment experts to identify the motorized shades’ fabric and provide some well seasoned, spot cleaning advice.

For the really tough stuff, it may be necessary to bring in the big guns. By that, we mean hiring a company that is capable of safely cleaning shades and blinds using ultrasound or proprietary, injection techniques. Prices for specialty window cleaning services like those vary tremendously. So our shades and blinds experts advocate shopping around for the best deals. To find out more about caring for honeycomb shades and other window treatments, please contact us.

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