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7 Considerations for Buying Window Treatments in New York City

While curtains and shades are an important aesthetic and functional element in any space, they can play an even bigger role when you live in a densely populated area like New York City, where spaces are small, and neighbors are often a few feet away.

Before you buy window treatments for your home, take the following factors into consideration — it’ll play a big role in ensuring a comfortable and well-designed city living space.

1. Privacy. This is one of the most practical considerations when buying window treatments in New York City, because there’s a good chance you have a view of your neighbors (and vice versa). Protect your privacy by choosing curtains in a heavy fabric, or if you prefer sheers, pair them with a shade or blinds.

2. Noise reduction. Did you know that window treatments can actually provide sound proofing? If you live on a low floor of your building, or your bedroom faces the street, choose shades and curtains that have noise-reduction capabilities (we’d be happy to point you in the right direction!).

3. Energy Savings. Insulated curtains, like those made by Weathermate Thermalogic™ and Eclipse can help regulate temperature in your home, keeping your heating and cooling bills down.

4. Light-blocking. Do street lights keep you up at night? Does light reflect off of the high-rise across the street and directly into your bedroom every morning? Do you work nights and sleep during the day? Consider light-blocking curtains, which will keep your space as dark as midnight, even at noon.

5. Customization. From pre-war buildings to modern condo complexes and multi-family walk-ups, New York has a wide variety of architecture. Which means that, often-times, out-of-the-box shades and curtains might not work for the width or height of your windows. If this is the case with your home, consider ordering custom window treatments. The look and functionality will be much better, often without a huge cost difference.

6. Optical illusion. As we mentioned, space in a New York is often at a premium. If you live in a small space, consider purchasing curtains that are the height of your ceiling, not the height of your windows. Hanging curtains flush against the ceiling will instantly make your space feel larger and more open.

7. Motorized Shades. On the opposite end of the size spectrum, large spaces, like lofts, with high ceilings can present their own set of challenges. If you live in a space with floor-to-ceiling windows, or high ceilings, consider installing motorized shades, which allow you to fully raise and lower your window coverings with ease.

Need help choosing the best window treatments for your New York City apartment? Get in touch with The Shade Company, we’d love to help.

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