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New Jersey

One of the best ways to bring high style and maximum functionality to any room in your home is to add widow treatments. Whether you choose Roman shades, custom drapes, wooden blinds, motorized shades or something different entirely, window treatments add a polished, refined look to a space. Window treatments are also one of the most multipurpose functional elements of a room: besides privacy and light control, shades (or motorized shades) and blinds also offer the added benefit of protecting your furniture from the sun, and can even add an extra layer of insulation, helping to lower energy bills.

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Whether you are looking for window blinds for your home or office – we can help you find the pefect combination of beauty and practicallity.


We’re always pleased to be included in your plans and when those plans involve working with talented architects we’re even more pleased to collaborate. We have a successful history of architectural collaborations and, although we understand that window treatments may only be a small detail in the overall plans, we take pride in providing the best service that our experienced teams can offer to achieve your architectural goals. Allow us to relieve some of the stress and move your project forward with architectural trade discounts available to ease any budget concerns. [spacer]


Perfecting the look and feel of your interiors can be a challenge that requires professional assistance and that means working closely with experienced and trusted interior designers. We’re proud to have a history of successful collaborations with a host of dedicated designers and we take pride in our ability to work hand-in-hand to insure that your specific interiors turn out exactly the way you envisioned them. We also offer trade discounts to all our collaborative designers so that we can better serve your budget needs. Fine tuning your interior to your designer specifications is our goal and we make sure that we work with you to reach it.


Although we certainly take great pride in the skill and craftsmanship of our experienced Installation Teams we’re always eager and prepared to collaborate with dedicated professional contractors in order to insure that your interiors get the expert attention they require. Ask for our trade discounts and we’ll be happy to help ease any budget concerns.


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